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This website allows me to share some of the backcountry trips that I have taken in recent years. The majority of the outings have been in and around Arizona. But there have been locations elsewhere that have also attracted my attention.

The trips include day-hikes, and multi-day backpacking excursions. There are mild 4-wheeling adventures, and flatwater canoeing and kayaking paddle trips.

There is not a particular theme to the trips. I am interested in all aspects of the outdoors--the scenery, the geology, the history, and the wildlife. I really enjoy, however, looking at the old relics and equipment left by the early miners and homesteaders that I occasionally come across.

Why aren't there many maps or precise directions to the locations that I describe? For me, part of the interest in planning a trip is in figuring out where the places are and how to get there. I assume that others would be interested in making that same kind of discovery for themselves.


The Trips


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