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I am a retired high school teacher who taught electronics and earth science for 33 years in Tucson Arizona. As a backcountry traveler I am a "heels and wheels" kind of guy who is as attracted to vibram as I am to BF Goodrich. My "ideal" trip would involve driving on backroads to some spot on a map, then walking cross-country through the wilderness to discover the remains of an old cabin or the equipment at an old mine! In addition to the enjoyment that I get from finding great scenery and old mining stuff, I also really get up for the physical challenges that have to be met in order to drive or walk into remote areas. One thing that I have learned about myself is that I can be a happy solo traveler.

Although I am as much a walker as a driver, my first Internet forum interactions were on Toyota Truck and Land Cruiser websites. The username that I chose for those early sites is the one that I use on all sites today, whether they are a ghosttown site, hiking site, 4wheeling or geocaching site. It's origin is pretty simple: