Sheep Tank Mine, Kofa Game Range, Southwestern Arizona


The Sheep Tank Mine is located in the northeastern corner of the Kofa Game Range north of Yuma Arizona. The mine was developed around 1926. Production up to 1942 was recorded at 17,400 tons of ore containing gold, silver and some copper. At some point in time a 100 ton cyanide mill was constructed and it is reported that there is an extensive system of underground workings on several levels with one tunnel being 1450 feet long.

Vehicle access is from the east of the mine on a rocky 4wd road. You can drive to the boundary of the Kofa Game Range. From there it is a walk of a 1/2 mile or so to the old camp. There are no buildings standing, and no equipment. There is evidence that there was once several buildings. The large concrete foundations may have been the site of the cyanide operation.

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