Saint Joseph Mine(Golden Dream Mine) Imperial Wildlife Refuge,
Colorado River, California


The Saint Joseph Mine, an old gold property, is located on the California side of the Colorado River north of Yuma Arizona. Easiest access to the mine would probably be by boat from the river. Or you could do as I did and hike the road to the mine that comes off the old narrow gauge railroad bed that used to run from the Picacho Mine to the old Picacho Millsite.

The hike is about 8 miles round-trip with a fair amount of up and down elevation change. The road builders did not do a lot of contouring. This is a desert hike that you would probably want to do in the cooler months of the year.The old mine road is now legally and practically closed but the railroad bed can be driven from the main Picacho Peak State Park road. There is a small parking area at the "trailhead".

I have not found any record of a lot of production from this mine, but it must have been in existence for quite a while. There are at least a dozen names listed! Two areas about a mile apart from each other seemed to have been the focus of the miners' energy. There are numerous tunnels and shafts at the end of the road and there is another area upstream that is north of the road. Quartz outcroppings on the hillsides are very noticeable.

I really enjoyed the trip to this mine. The desert scenery was great and the relics at the mine, while few, were quite interesting.