Kofa Cabin to Hovatter Ruins--A Ride on the KofA Wildlife Refuge Arizona


The KOFA Wildlife refuge lies in the southwestern corner of Arizona . It takes in a large area south of Interstate 10, East of US Highway 95, and north of the Army's Yuma Proving Ground. The best known animals to be found on the refuge are the Desert Bighorn Sheep. Since the majority of the roads on the refuge are open, it is possible to do loop rides, in and out rides, and traverses where you can enter in on one side of the refuge and exit out the other. There are mines and old cabins to see as well as the wildlife. Camping is permitted and usually campfires are allowed.

The drive I like to do starts at the Kofa Cabin in the north central part of the refuge and angles southeasterly to the Hovatter Ruins where you can exit on the eastern side of the monument. This road travels past a large rock cairn honoring the formation of the refuge, and goes by two cabins. The travel is pretty slow with the trail varying from sandy to rocky. 4WD is occasionally needed.

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