The Cloud Museum, Bard California,
Rows and Rows of Model T Cars and Trucks



I came across this interesting roadside museum while driving from Yuma, Arizona northward to Imperial Dam. The museum is located in the farming community of Bard, California on State Highway 24(York Road). Signs that said that there were more than 100 old cars, and mining equipment inside caught my eye, so I had to stop and check things out.

On the morning that I dropped in, there was no one at the gate. A sign directed me to put the $5 admission fee into a box sitting on a nearby chair. So I did and began to walk around. I figured that eventually someone would come along and at least say hello. As it turned out, no one ever did! So I really do not know anything about the history of the museum, or who owns/operates it.

The museum looks to be situated on a couple of acres of land. Located outdoors are probably 8-10 rows of old cars and trucks, mostly Ford model T's They all look to be quite complete. There are a few vehicles of other types--Chevrolets, and at least one Dodge. These vehicles, while appearing to have all of their essential parts, have not been restored. Each is identified as to what brand and model it is, where/who the vehicle came from and the price that the vehicle sold for when it was new. The vehicles are all propped up on blocks so their tires seem to have air. The rows look more like a parking lot than a storage yard.

The yard is also the site of a collection of old tractors and a small amount of mining equipment that includes a small stamp mill. Hanging on the inside of the perimeter fence are a tremendous number of wooden and wire spoked wheels.

Toward the back of the property, there are two very large pole sheds. Inside those buildings were many vehicles--most of which have been restored to like new, or "museum quality" conditon! Once again, the majority of these vehicles were early model Fords. Hanging from the roof poles of the sheds are a great variety of old relics of various kinds.

There are several other smaller buldings on the property--one contains a collection of old coffee grinders and other household appliances, another has blacksmithing equipment.

I did not see a "boneyard" of spare parts or a shop where repair work or restoration could be accomplished.

There are a couple of online references to the Cloud Museum, but those do not provide any great details about the museum. I am not really knowledgeable about old vehicles or museums that feature old cars, but this one sure seems to contain a lot of stuff!! It was well worth the $5 admission charge!


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