A Mining Camp in the Catalina Mountains of Southern Arizona


Mining activities have occurred in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson since at least the 1870's. This camp was probably in its heyday in the late 1940's when 600 tons of ore was shipped from the underground workings. The ore contained Lead, Zinc, Copper and Silver. Today, the immediate area has remained largely untouched by recent fires and access is accomplished by hiking one of several trails off the north side of Mount Lemmon. We approached from below the camp after driving to the Canyon Del Oro Wash from the Charouleau Gap road. It was about 5 miles to the camp. One of the buildings is in decent condition and is stocked with a variety of supplies. There is some vintage heavy equipment left in place in the area and quite a variety of other hardware is scattered about. There are several adits and at least one of the winzes is flooded.

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