Boundary Peak Nevada


My friend Neil and I had spent a week and a half at the end of September 2006 hiking and exploring in California. On our way back to Arizona we decided to swing over into Nevada and dayhike Boundary Peak the High Point in Nevada. We approached the mountain from the east side on Trail Canyon Road. We were surprised to see a van in the parking lot at the end of the road. While not 4wd, the road had had some rough spots. It turned out that the van ws a rental and the two fellows with it had just completed the hike of Boundary Peak and were cleaning up in the creek. One of the guys said that he had accomplished 47 of the country's highpoints-- and he was from the Netherlands. It had taken him 17 trips to this country to accomplish his totals! We spent the night in a clearing just before the end of the road and next to Trail Creek. We expected to be joined by other hikers but didn't see anyone until we were leaving the next day. The next morning we got a very early start and were on the trail right after sunrise. The trail in upper Trail Canyon varied from being very obvious to disappearing for long stretches in the sagebrush. A highlight was the sighting of several herds of deer. Once we made Trail Canyon saddle, the route became much steeper. We lost the trail a couple of times from the saddle but always knew that the correct direction was upwards. While the trail material was pretty loose, it was not like walking on ball bearings. It took us about 5 hours to make the top where we could see for miles in all directions. Clouds in the west and windy conditions prompted us to sign the register quickly, eat, and then make a beeline back down to the truck. The downhill trip took us about 2 1/2 hours. We spent a very windy night down the road from the trailhead. I really enjoyed the wilderness feel of this hike. The guidebook that we had said that this is not a popular hike. I don't understand that.

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